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Artificial intelligence is a Cognitive Science and the history of its evolution suggest it has grown out of the knowledge derived from the disciplines such as science, maths, philosophy, computing and other.

All cognitive domains of education relate very closely to the concept of AI, it offers opportunities for student engagement that cannot be found in lecturing out of books within the fixed four walls setting of the classroom.

Three days’ workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Mathematics teachers was organised by CBSE in collaboration with very eminent resource person like Ms Sharon, Ms Sarita and Mr. Anoop. The resources person discussed in details the importance of Artificial Intelligence, According to them “The landscape for education has been rapidly changing in the last years: demographic changes affecting the makeup of families, multiple school options available to children, the global economy demanding new skills from workers, and continued breakthroughs in technology are some of the factors impacting education. Given these changes, how can schools continue to prepare students for the future? In a world where information is readily available online, how can schools continue to be relevant? The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exacerbated the need to have these conversations.

The main agenda of the workshop was what to teach students in the era of AI and examines how AI is already demanding much needed updates to the school curriculum and goal of making learning more enjoyable and useful in student’s lives.

The second day of the workshop focused on techniques and applications –including the way AI can help teachers be more effective. They also discussed in details how Artificial Intelligence can help maths teachers by using various AI tools like Autodraw, Quickdraw, Geogebra etc . AI has the potential to make digital language learning truly personalised to each learner.

AI provides a detailed analysis on how it may affect the way teachers and students engage in education. Educational software can be adapted to student needs. Students could get additional support from AI tutors. Artificial Intelligence can point out places where courses need to improve

Final session of the workshop was dedicated to how to prepare lessons plans with the help of AI tools discussed in the previous days meeting.

This workshop was an eye opener for educators and policy-makers who want to prepare schools to face the uncertainties of the future and keep them relevant. AI could become the best tool for learning Maths.






Posted By : Bhawana Dureja | Date : 13 Apr 2021 |
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