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In today’s materialistic world it is the need of the hour to usher in fresh breath of joy, brotherhood and spread the brightness where the darkness of discrimination distorts the light of creation.

Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi in collaboration with Roti Bank, an initiative by a self-group that is especially dedicated towards feeding the poor and needy people in India, started a campaign under the SDGs goals to make the society free from starvation. This noble act is to help the starving people by satiating their hunger by providing them with daily food and this sensitizing experience has fostered the spirit of community service.

The students and teachers used to bring chapatti and dry vegetables from home to ensure that the under privileged section of the society in the neighbourhood gets a square meal a day, thereby turning the idea of Right to Food into a reality. This kind gesture not only gives pleasure to the heart but also peace to the mind when a gloomy day becomes a cheerful one for the needy. The endeavor is to reach the poor and help them forget grief and hardship and help them celebrate life as this philanthropic act is nurturing the values of empathy, caring and sharing for the humanity amongst the students. It is hoped that such gestures will help the students make a positive contribution to the society and reduce the gap between rich and needy. The overwhelming participation of one and all in the institution upholds the fact that the best way to serve God is to serve the humanity. The Principal, Mrs. Alka Kapur is the constant inspiration who has always ignited spark amongst the staff and the students to work for such noble causes.

During the lockdown period, it was heart-wrenching to see so many people struggling with hunger. Therefore, we decided to jump into action by using one of our school buses to donate food to the needy and underprivileged families in Delhi. The initiative was launched under the name Roti Banks on Wheels and thanks to the goodwill of so many people who stepped up to donate food, thus  enabling us to feed several families during these difficult times. The Roti Bank on Wheels bus collects food packets from door to door from all the kind-hearted citizens who are willing to lend a helping hand in the noble initiative and deliver the food to the underprivileged areas. This project seeks to honor the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of “Zero Hunger” and “Good health and well-being’.

Moreover, the school gives a clarion call to the students to share and donate clothes, utility items, kitchenware etc. and make a difference in the world of these under privileged sections of the society and to make them learn that the joy of giving is far greater than the joy of receiving. The students participate with zeal as they get an opportunity to indulge themselves in a soul touching human event. The worthy principal of the school Ms. Alka Kapur ensures  that the management  keeps working relentlessly for what it has been envisioned for and give the best of available resources to the under privileged children. The MPS Fraternity has taken pledge to organize Donation Drive, Rallies etc. on frequent basis. The school keeps looking forward for such human gestures to inculcate the sense of giving amongst young Modernites.

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