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Title : Green Energy for a Better World (Collaborative with UK / Korea)

 The School Organised activities  for the students of classes VI to VIII in April and May 2021 as a part of ‘International Dimension in schools Certificate’ by British Council .The action plan was prepared on the theme of ‘Good Health and Global Wellbeing’ wherein students researched and prepared comparative reports keeping in mind different patterns of health and lifestyle followed in India, Italy, Japan, and China. Students prepared presentations highlighting the importance of mental health and daily nutritional requirement for a healthy body. An open house discussion on the topic ‘Importance of Mental Health’ was also organised which helped to raise awareness about mental wellbeing among the children. The activities aimed to make the students conscious of the factors influencing the health and fitness of people across the globe and to seek solutions for the same. Such activities help students evolve as aware, concerned and confident global citizens and bridge cultural barriers.

Posted By : Modern Public School | Date : 09 Feb 2022
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