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Emptor Club

“The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

Being aware, is not only a right but also an important responsibility for every individual but further it becomes more important for a consumer to be aware.

Consumer occupies a supreme position in a free economy. But he never receives the attention, he deserves. In a country like India, he is not the 'sovereign¡ but a 'slave¡. The welfare of the consumer lies in the fulfilment of his normal and legitimate expectation with regards to the goods and services he needs. The consumer is worried about the quality, quantity, price and timeliness of the supply of goods and services.

It has been observed very often that a consumer does not get right goods and services. He is charged a very high price or adulterated or low-quality goods are sold to him. Therefore, it is necessary to make him aware. Keeping this in mind, we, at Modern Public School came up with the idea of creating EMPTOR CUB - Let the consumer be aware.

The main aim of the club is to spread awareness among community about important aspects which the must know while making purchase so as to prevent themselves from exploitation of business houses. Apart from this, members of the club try to find all possible ways to help consumers in avoiding consumption of harmful goods. We put stall in and around school premises to explain important concepts like difference between fat and trans-fat, uses of dark chocolates, identifying fake currency notes. Efforts of the students were highly appreciated by the society.

Emptor club helps in providing solution of problems. The consumers are cheated due to illiteracy, innocence and lack of information. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the information about their rights should be provided to them so that they cannot be cheated by producers and sellers. Through consumer awareness they are also made known to the proceedings of laws so that they can solve their problems. At times, they are also sensitised about concept of GST and how it has affected consumption pattern of consumers.

Another remarkable achievement in the journey of Emptor club is focus on the concept of “Back to Nature” wherein the club members not only created awareness about kitchen herbs and their medicinal benefits but also provided various home remedies for recurring health problems like cold, flu, dehydration etc. The idea of creating and explaining natural, homemade detox drinks was appreciated by one and all, thereby facilitating development of healthy society.

To conclude, it can be said that it is imperative to educate and motivate the masses that they are trained enough to be aware of the quality of the products, and also the possible deficiencies. With an aim to equip the people to be vigilant with a discerning eye so as to be able to protect himself from any wrongful act on the part of the trader, the students are exposed to different vulnerable exposures so that they can provide reliable and exhaustive information and create awareness in the society and perform their social responsibilities to the fullest.

Business Enterprise Club

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Cyber Secure MPS Club

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Astronomy Club

The school has initiated an Astronomy Club as a useful extra-curricular activity to promote the interest in astronomy through various activities, observations, and concepts of the astronomical phenomenon. The children are engaged with activities different from the daily routine and get to practice the tools of data analysis and scientific reasoning. Students enjoy this time to learn and explore things. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to know more about the celestial objects and makes them involve on hands-on activities and observation sessions.

The school organizes sessions by famous astronomers and field trips from time to time not only to develop scientific temper among students but also to understand the features of different numbers of the solar system and the basic concepts of science used in astronomy. To arouse the interest in observing astronomical events and the phenomenon of eclipses, fun filled stargazing sessions are held frequently which give them an opportunity to observe the sky together with their peers, share observation experience and and hear their stories of observation and interest areas. It not only gives them a chance to develop their skills to use telescope but also to identify various celestial bodies like stars, constellations and planets in the real night sky.

Whether it is Sun, Moon, Solar System, or far away galaxies, or extraterrestrial, there is so much to know and explore through Astronomy Club. By Providing proper resources and information to the curious minds the school has taken a lead in the making of future astronomers and scientists.


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Adhyan - The Readers and Writers Club

The Readers and Writers Club of Mps is a platform for students where can be liberal about their interests of reading and writing. Students are mentored about the technical aspects and also are engaged in fun activities to explore more about the same.

From reviewing books to presenting their own works this platform gives their quills wings to fly.

Utkarsh - The Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneur, seems a big term but these young minds have much bigger ideas. This platform aims to provide a hands on experience of the industry and how corporate world works while working on the ideas of these students.

From giving him insight into various departments of corporate sector to working under the guidance of the industry experts this platform makes them future ready

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