Success is difficult to achieve but it is more difficult to maintain it.

Today in the age of competition students need to be clear about their aim in life and the method of achieving it. Keeping this in mind, Talent development aimed at spotting unusual and not well defined talents is initiated in MPS. This is channelised into creative fields like compering, dramatics, mimicry, etc. The interests identified in earlier classes are encouraged to enable children participate confidently at State and National Levels. This develops positive individual mannerisms and styles of behaviour rather than produce clones in society.

Classes I to VIII

Formal education system is introduced using the NCERT syllabi. Art, craft, Yoga, Karate, Music, Computers, Dance, etc. are however, added in the curriculum. This aids the overall development of the character and personality. From classes V to VIII a third language Sanskrit or French has been included under the three language formula of NPE.

Classes IX to XII

Syllabi prescribed by CBSE are the basis of the courses imparted in these classes.

Classes IX and X

Subjects taught are:
English (Language & Literature)
Hindi Couse B
Mathematics (Standard and Basic)
Social Science
Information Technology (IT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Environmental Education
Art Education
Physical & Health Education
Work Experience

Classes XI and XII

Science Group

Group I

English(Core), Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Choose any two

Mathematics, Yoga, Applied Mathematics, Physical Education, Psychology

Group II

English(Core), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Choose any two

Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, Yoga, Applied Mathematics, Physical Education

Commerce Group
Group I

English (Core), Business. Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics / Applied Mathematics

Choose any one

Physical Education, Yoga, Legal Studies

Group II

English (Core), Business. Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Informatics Practices

Choose any one

Physical Education, Yoga, Legal Studies, Applied Mathematics

Humanities Group
Group I

English (Core), Geography, Political Science, Psychology

Choose any two

Commercial arts, Legal Studies, Yoga, Physical Education, Informatics Practices, Applied Mathematics

Group II

English (Core), Geography, History, Economics

Choose any two

Legal Studies, Yoga, Physical Education, Applied Mathematics

Compulsory internal assessment subjects for all the three streams:-

  • General Studies
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Work Experience
    a) Drawing & Painting
    b) Music/Dance/Dramatics
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