Astronomy Lab

The school has initiated an Astronomy Lab as a useful extra-curricular activity to promote the interest in astronomy through various activities, observations, and concepts of the astronomical phenomenon. The children are engaged with activities different from the daily routine and get to practice the tools of data analysis and scientific reasoning. Students enjoy this time to learn and explore things. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to know more about the celestial objects and makes them involve on hands-on activities and observation sessions.

The school organizes sessions by famous astronomers and field trips from time to time not only to develop scientific temper among students but also to understand the features of different numbers of the solar system and the basic concepts of science used in astronomy. To arouse the interest in observing astronomical events and the phenomenon of eclipses, fun filled stargazing sessions are held frequently which give them an opportunity to observe the sky together with their peers, share observation experience and and hear their stories of observation and interest areas. It not only gives them a chance to develop their skills to use telescope but also to identify various celestial bodies like stars, constellations and planets in the real night sky.

Whether it is Sun, Moon, Solar System, or far away galaxies, or extraterrestrial, there is so much to know and explore through Astronomy Club. By Providing proper resources and information to the curious minds the school has taken a lead in the making of future astronomers and scientists.

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